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Survey Calendar
  • Media Survey

    March 21 - April 21, 2019
    KU students

    To better understand awareness, use and perceptions among KU students of news media including the University Daily Kansan.

  • UCelebrate Survey

    March 25 - April 25, 2019
    Sample of KU undergraduate students

    Assesses the saturation and effectiveness of our social norms campaign, Jayhawk Buddy System while also gauging drinking behaviors, protective behaviors students use and negative consequences experienced while drinking.

  • National College Health Assessment (NCHA)

    April 2019
    Sample of KU students

    Surveys students on their habits, behaviors, and perceptions of a broad range of health topics. These data provide essential information for the creation and evaluation of campus programs that promote health and student success. 

  • PhD Career Pathways Survey

    Spring 2019
    PhD students from select departments

    Fall 2019

    Collect data regarding the career pathways of PhDs that can be used to improve the educational experiences and career preparation of students.

  • KU Graduate Student Survey

    Spring 2020
    All graduate students

    Collect information from graduate students about their experience at KU.

  • KU Senior Survey

    Spring 2020
    All seniors

    Collect information about the student experience at KU from seniors.