Course Evaluations in Qualtrics

Qualtrics Course Evaluation Dashboard Instructions

The new course and instructor evaluation dashboard has been developed in Qualtrics. To access the dashboard for your evaluations, you must have a Qualtrics account in the University of Kansas Qualtrics license, accessible at by using your Single Sign On credentials.

If you already have an account, logging into the site above will bring you to your Qualtrics home screen. If this is your first time logging in, when prompted, select “No, I don’t have a preexisting account here” and an account will be automatically created for you.

Available instructor dashboard data is limited to courses that list you as the instructor. In addition, results are hidden for courses where there are fewer than five evaluations completed. In this case, use the dashboard filters to select more than one course until the evaluation count is five or more.



Once logged in, you’ll see the dashboard project “KU Course Evaluations” listed in your account. Click the project name, and the dashboard will open.

The dashboard includes two pages. The first page contains course feedback, and the second contains instructor feedback. By default, both pages show all available feedback, but you can use the dashboard filters at the top of each page to narrow feedback to particular courses.

Response threshold

KBOR policy requires assurance from institutions that student evaluation of teaching will remain anonymous. To adhere to this policy, KU does not provide results for courses with enrollments less than 5. 

Response rates

Response rates are currently not available in this dashboard. The KU Course Evaluation team is exploring solutions to potentially provide this in future semesters.

Course evaluation page

This page focuses on questions regarding the course in general. It includes filters for Course Code (i.e., ENGL 101) and Class Number, so you can see results for any particular class you taught.

Clicking on a word in the word cloud visualizations (in this case “professor”) filters responses to uses of that word:

Instructor evaluation page

Similar in design to the course feedback page, this page focuses on questions regarding the instructor. Hovering over any bar chart visualization will provide more information via the tooltip.

Note the application of the response count threshold filter in the bottom right visualization. Since the number of available responses is less than five, no data is displayed.

Exporting data

You can export entire dashboard pages in a variety of formats using the Export button in the top right of the dashboard.


Alternatively, you can export individual dashboard widgets with the export button in the top right of each widget.


PDF and JPG exports work essentially like a screenshot, showing only what is currently visible on the screen, which is why all text comments do not necessarily appear in that format. To save and view all your evaluation data, the best practice is to export the dashbaord in CSV format, which is viewable and printable in Excel. Exporting the entirety of either dashboard page will include the results from both the course and instructor surveys in one CSV file, using the filters curently applied on the given page.

Full documentation for exporting dashboard data is available by clicking here.


For any questions about your Qualtrics account or dashboard access, or any other administrative support needs, email