University of Kansas Profiles

Profiles Transition

Since 1977, Institutional Research has produced annual fact books called the University of Kansas Profiles. The purpose of the hard copy Profiles was to provide the public with University information and data in one specific location. However, updating the KU Profiles was a time-consuming process, and the document format limited the way users could access information.

Beginning in FY 2020, Analytics and Institutional Research (AIR) is transitioning to a more interactive version of Profiles that consists of Tableau visualizations, links to other websites, individual webpages, and selected PDF documents as appropriate for each type of information. The last set of hard copy Profiles was completed in FY 2019. Click here to view the historical Profiles, including FY 2019 Profiles.

To maintain a record of important University data, in FY 2020 AIR began an additional fact book that provides yearly snapshot information from the Interactive Fact Book (IFB). The KU Fact Book will allow users to view prior versions of the IFB even after it has been updated with the most recent data. Click here to view the 2020 KU Fact Book.

To guide this transition, AIR has created a Profiles Crosswalk that demonstrates how the previous Profiles information can be found going forward. Click on the sections below to access the crosswalk.

Click here to see a list of definitions, abbreviations, and acronyms used in AIR reports, including Profiles.