Chief Data Officer
St. Andrews Office Facility, Room 131

Nick Stevens is the Chief Data Officer and a data fanatic. He has a bachelor’s in management and has been with the university for over a decade.  During that time, he has managed large organizations and projects, and every role has involved data analytics.  He has experience in research administration, forecast models, data models, data visualization, IT, and shared services.  Simply put, he loves a challenge and can’t wait to wrangle as much university as possible into an enterprise data warehouse.  He’s excited about leading the AIR team and helping leaders shine light on the data they need to make decisions. You can ask Nick about selling your ideas to others, star schemas, process improvement, leadership, change management, and presenting data in a meaningful way.​

Assistant Director for Academic Data Analytics
St. Andrews Office Facility, Room 143

Corinne joined the team in August 2016. Prior to working at KU, she worked for Wichita State University as the Community Research Manager for the Public Policy and Management Center. Corinne has also served in the City Manager’s Office and Budget and Research Office with the City of Wichita. Corinne works extensively with Tableau, a business intelligence tool to provide visual analytics to assist with university-wide decision making processes. Corinne provides analytical support to academic and administrative units across campus through the creation of interactive dashboards. Corinne also assists with special projects, including analyses of campus-wide surveys and university financial analyses. (Masters in Public Administration)     

Principal Analyst, Academic Data Analytics
St. Andrews Office Facility, Room 142

Jason Koepp is a principal analyst and aspiring chart aficionado. He has a bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s in Creative Writing – but has made the leap to the dark side of data analytics.  He has a professional background in communication and analysis. He gets excited about turning data into insightful information, and then finding the best way to communicate it to others. He excels at communicating complex ideas in simple ways through graphics, data visualization, and videos and has three years of experience doing so.  You can ask Jason about StrengthFinders, productivity, data visualization, bullet charts, and staying calm in intense situations.

Research Analyst, Academic Data Analytics
St. Andrews Office Facility, Room 141

Denise joined the team in April of 2018. Previously she worked at KU as the data manager for two longitudinal, family-based genetic studies; one on children with and without language impairments and the other one a study of language in twins in Western Australia. Prior to that, she worked at the KU Medical Center in the Department of Preventative Medicine working with the Kansas Medicare Quality Improvement Organization. Her responsibilities include assisting with faculty and staff analyses for official and ad-hoc reporting and analyzing comparative metrics for KU and other AAU institutions. (Masters in Public Health and M.A. in Latin American Studies)

Senior Principal Analyst, Academic Data Analytics
St. Andrews Office Facility, Room 145

Marcia joined the team in July of 2017. Prior to that she worked for 13 years in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at KU where she was responsible for data analysis, course scheduling management, and space management. From 1998 to 2004, Marcia worked at the KU Medical Center as a research analyst for the office of Analysis and Planning. Currently, Marcia’s primary responsibilities include analysis of faculty and staff data for official and ad-hoc reporting. Before becoming a research analyst, Marcia worked as a field archaeologist, a lab assistant in an immunology lab, and selling and sewing high end designer fabrics. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, crafting, running, and is a Girl Scout troop leader. (M.A. in Anthropology).

Assistant Director for Administrative Data Analytics
St. Andrews Office Facility, Room 144

Jeanette Smith is a principal analyst and reporting guru. She has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and master’s in accounting.  She has 5+ years’ experience working on budgeting and forecasting models and reports. She’s on a mission to eliminate shadow systems and create a reporting world that enables KU to make outstanding, flexible reports for everyone. You can ask Jeanette about requirements gathering, budgeting & forecasting, data modeling, developing visual training materials, and data visualization.​

Application Administrator, Administrative Data Analytics
St. Andrews Office Facility, Room 148

Matt Baker is an application administrator with a strong background in HR operational analytics and systems. He has a Bachelor’s in Public Administration.  He has always served as the go-to “tech and process guy” throughout his career.  He's the local AIR expert on managing the BI related systems: user security, migrations, system functionality, you name it. Matt’s excited to help others discover insights in their data that they can apply in their jobs. You can ask Matt about OAC system functionality, training methodologies, Excel, best practices in HR, leadership, and process improvement.

Principal Analyst, Administrative Data Analytics
St. Andrews Office Facility, Room 142

Sean Steinle is a principal analyst and metric maker. He has a bachelor’s in Economics and has 5+ years’ experience communicating meaningful information in graphs. In his first four years at KU, Sean compiled metrics and built dashboards for Shared Service Center’s leadership. He wants to take KU data analysis to the next level and aid leadership in making impactful decisions. You can ask Sean about data visualization, sql & SAS code, requirements gathering, human capital metrics, and diminishing marginal utility.

Data Architect and Assistant Director for Data Management
St. Andrews Office Facility, Room 127

Prasanna Tadimeti is the AIR data architect. She has a strong technical consulting background, a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, and a Master’s in Business.  She uses all of this experience to provide a holistic approach to understanding business needs and building technical solutions to support them. Prasanna thrives on challenging projects and is excited to bring her loyalty and commitment to the AIR team. She’s hoping to learn more about machine learning technologies. You can ask Prasanna about data modeling, data warehousing, complex sql or SAS syntax, code optimization, Linux, and software application improvements.

ETL Developer, Data Management
St. Andrews Office Facility, Room 125

Sethu is an ETL Developer with 2+ years of experience in Data warehousing, Data Modeling, ETL Development, and Reporting. Has an ability to learn and adapt quickly to the emerging new technologies and integrate data to give it some meaning. Always up for new challenges and responsibilities. You can ask Sethu about ETL, Oracle ODI, Informatica, SAS DI, Data Modeling, SQL Server, SQL and Tableau. (Bachelor's in Information technology and Master's in Computer Science)

Senior Programmer, Data Management
St. Andrews Office Facility, Room 125

Michael joined the office as a Research Analyst in 2012. He began working for the University in 2007 as a technical consultant to the University Registrar. From there Michael was moved to Data Analytics & Technology where he worked as an information specialist focusing on admissions and student records research efforts. His responsibilities include developing reports and information systems related to student recruitment and enrollment for use in the Departmental Executive Management Information System (DEMIS) as well as responding to various administrative unit ad hoc requests. (B.S. in Sociology)

ETL Developer, Data Management
St. Andrews Office Facility, Room 125

Amulya Polishetty is an ETL Developer with 3+ years of experience in Data warehousing, Data Modeling, ETL Development, and Reporting. She’s excited to use the latest technologies to develop ETL Solutions to solve Data Issues and to continue learning even more about ETL and BI tools. She wants to get more involved in an end-to-end implementation of the financial data on AIR team. You can ask Amulya about ETL Development, Source-to-Target Reconciliation, Oracle ODI & Informatica, Data Modeling, and SQL. (Bachelor’s in Information Technology)

Data Modeler, Data Management
St. Andrews Office Facility, Room 125

Ruthvik Uppaluri is a data modeler and tech ace. He has a Bachelor’s in Computer & Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in Electrical Engineering. Ruthvik has implemented large scale Hyperion Essbase and Planning for multiple billion dollar companies. He’s excited to use the latest technologies to develop complex multidimensional cubes for KU’s vast array of information. He wants to solve challenging problems with intuitive, user-friendly solutions. You can ask Ruthvik about leadership, Essbase, PBCS/EPM, time management, BI solutions, and helping people become better at their jobs through technology.

Assistant Director for Official Reporting
St. Andrews Office Facility, Room 133

Gwen joined the team as a Research Analyst in 2001. Previously she worked for three years as a developer/analyst in KU's Computing Services division. During the 1990s, Gwen served for five years as assistant and later associate director in the Office of Student Financial Aid, where her responsibilities included system testing and document handling. She has taught writing and English as a second language. She is responsible for conducting a variety of student analyses. (M.A. in English)

Statistical and Information Officer, Official Reporting
St. Andrews Office Facility, Room 130

Virginia is the Statistical and Information Officer, and has been with the office since 1974. Virginia's primary responsibility is to develop, analyze, and maintain federal surveys and major college guides, and disseminate university data and information. She coordinates the production of the University of Kansas Profiles, the Common Data Set, and she also responds to approximately forty comprehensive surveys per year. (B.S.E. in Secondary Education)

Principal Analyst, Official Reporting
St. Andrews Office Facility, Room 135

Barbara is a Principal Analyst and has worked in institutional research since 2005. Her responsibilities include coordinating program review materials, the university’s use of the Campus Labs platform, and conducting research across a spectrum of areas in support of university decision making. She is also involved with the development and production of reports, designs, implements, and analyzes surveys related to university academic programs and operations. (M.S.Ed. in Higher Education)

Senior Principal Analyst, Official Reporting
St. Andrews Office Facility, Room 137

JoAnn is a Senior Principal Analyst and has been with the office since 1987. Her responsibilities include the design and execution of computer-based analyses to meet information needs for the University, Board of Regents, State and Federal government, and various other entities as requested. The main focus of her work is on undergraduate enrollment management issues. She provides analyses, information, and research in the areas of retention and graduation of first-time freshmen and new transfer students; undergraduate student application and admissions; degree completions; various grant proposals or grant funded projects; and numerous ad-hoc requests. (B.S. in Business, Masters in Public Administration)      

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