Faculty PRO FAQ

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Returning to Faculty PRO

What happened?

On June 26, 2018, the Office of the Provost announced that the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences declined to renew their license to Faculty PRO. At the end of July 2018, faculty lost access to their PRO accounts, though information stored in those accounts was still accessible by the PRO Team. This past summer, leadership in the College determined that it’s in the College’s best interests to return to Faculty PRO after a review of several alternative institutional reporting systems. The process of returning College faculty to a streamlined and simplified version of PRO began this August.​

Why do we need a centralized institutional reporting system in the first place?

Centralized reporting has become a necessity for the College, from accreditation and program review purposes to meeting requirements under the new budget model to supporting a vast universe of other institutional uses. Units that eschew centralized reporting place themselves at a disadvantage in the new budget model, so it’s in the best interests of the College to find a streamlined and simplified system that works as efficiently as possible.​

What is meant by a “streamlined and simplified” PRO?

The utility of PRO has shifted from a CV-production tool to an institutional reporting tool, which means less complexity in how activities are recorded in PRO. For example, the old version of the Publications screen included fields explicitly designed for CV formatting, expanding the length of the screen to nearly six pages. The new streamlined version includes fields for basic citation information only (title, publication date, publisher name, etc.) and is a little over one screen page in length.

Other screens too have been shortened and simplified, including the Manage Activities screen (the PRO homepage when you log in) and the University Service screen (once spread over several different screens). Additionally, screens such as Directed Student Learning (exam committee service), which once had dozens of choices for “Activity Type” (e.g. Master’s Exam, Master’s Exam Committee, Master’s Thesis Exam, etc.), has been simplified to include only the most basic designations.

The PRO Team is expanding how much information can be auto-populated into your PRO. For instance, the Directed Student Learning screen will now populate your graduate committee service directly from KU’s Progress-to-Degree system.

Using PRO to manage content on a webpage has also been vastly simplified: rather than having to flag each record over several different screens, all webpage content can be managed on a single screen called the Web Profile screen.

More changes too are in the works with the central aim of reducing the amount of effort it takes to curate your PRO. For more details on how to use the updated Web Profile screen, please visit our Web Profile tutorial.

What is the schedule for bringing PRO back to the College?

The PRO Team, as part of the Office of Analytics and Institutional Research, aims to have all upgrades in place and ready by October 15, when PRO will be “turned on” for faculty in the College.

After that point, faculty will be able to access their PRO accounts, curate their records, run reports, and manage content on their webpages as before.

Analytics and Institutional Research has prepared an onboarding schedule if you wish to view the details behind bringing the College back online to PRO.


Updating your PRO

Is my information still in PRO?

Yes. All activities you had once recorded in your PRO are still there. 

But if PRO has changed and its categories have been streamlined, has any information been lost?

No. The PRO Team has reconciled and/or switched around existing records to fit in with the new categories. Additionally, information in the fields that we removed from the Publications screen has been added to the comments field, so that information is still in the record. Individual faculty can then decide if they wish to keep that information or not.

How dated is my information in PRO?

College faculty lost access to their PRO at the beginning of August 2018, so it’s been over one year since faculty could manage their PRO. Depending on how frequently you curated your activities, you may be missing only the past year’s worth of information.

The exception to this however are those records the PRO Team automatically uploads to your account, including Courses Taught records, grants and contracts records that will be provided by the KU Center for Research, and graduate committee service records provided by the Progress-to-Degree system. Courses Taught records have been entered and are ready for your review. The PRO Team aims to have records from KUCR and the PTD system entered by the end of the year.

Will I get any assistance curating my PRO?

Yes. The PRO Team is coordinating a series of trainings and open workshops for any faculty interested in learning more about PRO 2.0. These trainings will be held in the Watson Library computer lab (Watson 419) and over Skype later this fall.

Refresher Trainings: If you are interested, please sign up for a refresher training here. Refresher trainings will last 30 minutes.

Open Workshops: PRO Team members will also be available to assist anyone who wants to work in PRO in our open workshops immediately following the training. Anyone can attend either the training, the workshop, or both.

WORKSHOPS - Date Time Location
Monday, November 4 12:20 PM - 1:50 PM Watson 419
Tuesday, November 12 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM Watson 419
Wednesday, November 20 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM Watson 419
Thursday, November 21 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Watson 419

Additionally, faculty can schedule a one-on-one training session with a member of the PRO Team for desk-side assistance. Please contact the PRO Team to do so

I came to the University after August 2018. What do I do?

The PRO Team will enter the information from the CV used when you were hired at KU to populate your PRO. The PRO Team will then contact you later this fall to offer a more in-depth introduction to the PRO system, if you are interested. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the PRO Manager.


Using PRO

Can I use PRO to create a promotion and tenure CV?

Yes. The promotion and tenure CV in the system is up-to-date following Provost Office guidelines and you can use PRO to create a properly formatted first draft.

What if I’m up for promotion and tenure this fall and need a copy of my P&T CV before October 15?

Faculty who would like a draft copy of their PRO-generated P&T CV before October 15 should contact the PRO Team. While activities from the past year or so are not included, the draft copy will be organized and formatted correctly. All you need to do is add your most recent activities to the draft.

Can I use PRO to create a report for my annual review?

Yes. Annual reports are still available in the system, but the PRO Team is hoping to update and simplify these reports in the near future.

Can I use PRO on my webpage?

Yes. Webpages that had pulled content from PRO before the closure will be reconnected to PRO, while a connection to PRO will be established for all other faculty profile pages. Use the Web Profile screen in PRO to manage content on your webpage. Instructions on how to use the new Web Profile screen are available online but please also feel free to contact the PRO Team if you have any questions.

I'm a staff member who used to work in PRO. What should I expect regarding the new PRO?

Your staff account in PRO will be turned on again. Staff are also invited to participate in the trainings and workshops scheduled for later this fall. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the Faculty PRO Manager.


Future Changes

Will PRO continue to streamline the curating process?

Yes. In addition to automatically uploading courses taught and grants, PRO is expanding to include automatic uploads of graduate committee service and course evaluations.

As of right now, you can import publication information from CrossRef, PubMed, and Web of Science into PRO automatically. Our Import Publications guide offers a walkthrough on this process.

Additionally, you can connect your PRO to your ORCID researcher profile. After a one-time sign-in, this will allow you to import your ORCID information into PRO without having to curate those records manually. Instructions for connecting your ORCID to your PRO account are available on the PRO webpage.

In the coming months, PRO will expand to connect with Academic Analytics, allowing you to import citations, patents, national awards, and journal articles automatically as well.

Effectively the PRO Team is looking to reduce the level of manual data entry by 40-50% by this time next year through the use of automatic uploads via ORCID, Academic Analytics, existing KU campus systems, and other third party databases.

What about the reports and CVs PRO used to generate? Sometimes it was impossible to tell why my information would or wouldn’t show up in those reports.

Once PRO is back on for College faculty, the PRO Team will systematically review the existing reports to clean them up and make them more intuitive. The PRO Team will also launch an initiative to coordinate with any departments that want to see their own annual review format added to the system. That is, PRO will be able to produce annual reports the way your department has been formatting them, rather than in PRO’s own, often counter-intuitive format.

I have some ideas about what I would like to see in PRO 2.0. Will anybody listen?

Yes! The PRO Team needs feedback from faculty and staff to know if the changes we’re making are genuinely helpful. We also shape our initiatives based on what faculty tell us they would like to see in PRO. Faculty PRO is a dynamic and customizable system and the PRO Team is dedicated to making it work as best it can. Please feel free to contact the Faculty PRO Manager with any ideas or feedback you may have.