Enrollment Data

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Title Number Notes
Head Count Enrollment and FTE by Campus, Level, Sex, Race/Ethnicity, Residency, and Enrollment Type 4-001, 4-005, 4-104, 4-118, 4-119, 4-125, 4-133, 4-157,4-165 to 4-179, 4-210 to 4-213  
Enrollment by School 4-101, 4-102, 4-201, 4-205  
Historical Trends, Head Count and FTE Enrollment by Level, Sex, Race/Ethnicity, and Residency 4-105, 4-107, 4-110, 4-113, 4-130, 4-134  
Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity and Student Level 4-115 and 4-116  
Student to Faculty Ratio (pdf) 4-120  
First Time Freshmen (pdf) 4-132  
Net Registration Head Count Enrollment, Fall 1910-2020 (pdf) 4-153  
First Generation Undergraduate Head Count (pdf) 4-194  
Legacy Undergraduate Head Count (pdf) 4-195  
Net Registration Head Count Enrollment, Spring 1976-Current 4-250 See Spring Head Count/FTE tab
Net Registration Head Count Enrollment, Summer 1973-Current 4-320 See Summer Head Count tab
Student Credit Hours Total by School 4-330  
Enrollment Comparisons, All Peer Groups 4-405 to 4-407  
Edwards Campus Enrollment 4-500 to 4-510 See Edwards Campus tab
Online Enrollments (pdf) 4-750  
Kansas Higher Education Statistics (KHEStats)    
Kansas Board of Regents Transfer Feedback Reports   See Transfers tab