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Financial Data

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Section Title Number Notes
Financial Operating/Non-Operating Revenues and Expenses, University Summary (pdf) 7-001  
Financial University Revenue Sources (pdf) 7-100  
Financial Actual Cash Expenditures by Fund, Program, and Object 7-101 to 7-103  
Financial Actual State General Fund Operating Expenditures (pdf) 7-112  
Financial State General Fund and General Fees Fund Expenditures (pdf) 7-125  
Financial State General Fund Expenditures 7-301 and 7-310 See Volume 1, Schedule 2.2
Financial State General Fund Revenue 7-302 See Volume 1, State General Fund Consensus Revenue Estimate Table
Financial Actual State General Fund Operating Expenditues 7-304 See Institutional Profiles, Table B
Financial State Appropriations Comparison (pdf) 7-501  
Indices Percentage Annual Increases, Unclassified, Support Staff, Student Salaries, and Other Operating Expenditures (pdf) 8-101  
Indices Consumer Price Index (pdf) 8-105  
Indices Higher Education Price Index, Public Doctoral Istitutions, All Items (pdf) 8-201  
Indices Mean Earnings of Workers 18 Years and Older by Educational Attainment  8-300  
Financial Annual Financial Reports    
Financial Operating Budget    
KU Endowment The Kansas University Endowment Association, Annual Report 3-101 and 3-102  
KU Endowment Ranking of Endowments Based on Market Value 3-201 to 3-210  
Student Financial Aid Student Financial Aid, Lawrence & Edwards Campus Awards (pdf) 9-101  
Student Financial Aid Student Financial Aid, University Summary (pdf) 9-002