Three specific items of note have occurred over the last week in OAC:

  • New HR Salary Forecast data has been added to the Datamart. Users can view this data in the Financials at a Glance dashboard on the 'Salary Forecast' tab, or by electing to include forecast on other tabs and selecting "HR Salary Forecast" as the forecast scenario. HR Salary Forecast data is a projection of current fiscal year payroll expenses based on what has been keyed into HR/Pay + additional logic based on requirements from the Budget Office, Human Resource Management, and end users. Variances from actuals may occur, but have been researched and determined immaterial. Any known issues will be documented and updated on the OAC Known Issues page. Some notable changes with the new salary forecast:
    • Students are no longer under forecasting at 1 hour and instead forecast at 20 hours per pay period. Feedback was solicited from end users and an analysis was done against prior year hours worked for the "STN" pay group to derive this value.
    • Health Insurance (GHI) expense data is maintained at the State and is no longer accessible beginning in FY19. The forecasted expenses is now a calculated moving average at the position level based on the most recent 6 pay periods that are not the third pay period of the month. If less than 6 pay periods of data is available the average will be for the number that are available.
    • As the contract compensation module is no longer used in HR/Pay, the forecast for academic year faculty will calculate to the end date of the academic year (5/16 or 5/15 leap year) unless terminated with an earlier date in HR/Pay.
    • Employees who transfer to KUMC now correctly stop forecasting on the Lawrence campus.
    • Sponsored Project funding will forecast until the end of the current fiscal year in the same manner as other non-grant funds.
    • Previously, the employer's health insurance projection for faculty members not appointed during the summer was not accounted for in the salary forecast program during the summer months. In the event the state assesses double deductions for the employer's portion of the health insurance in the future, we will revisit how the salary forecast estimates the expense so it accounts for the double expense.
    • The salary forecast is now calculate at the Chartfield1 level if payroll has been keyed in HR/Pay with this value, and users now have the ability to filter the 'Salary Forecat' analysis by CF1 and CF1 Groups in the Financials at a Glance dashboard.
  • A dashboard prompt for Chartfield1 has been added to the "Revenue" page on the Financials at a Glance dashboard.
  • A dashboard prompt for Acad Code + Description has been added to the "Endowment" pages on the Financials at a Glance dashboard. Includable columns for Acad Code + Descritpion and Purpose Code + Description have also been added to the analyses on the "Endowment" pages.

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