Rhodes Scholarship

Below are the KU students who have received a Rhodes Scholarship. 

The Rhodes Scholarship program was established in 1902 and the first scholars were selected in 1903. The scholarship program pays for two years of study at Oxford University, England, including all tuition, fees, living allowance, and travel.

Read more about the Rhodes Scholarship program on its website.

Student Year
Earl W. Murray 1904
G.E. Putnam 1908
C.A. Castle 1914
L.P. Miller 1916
E.S. Mason 1919
Ralph M. Hower 1925
Brewster Morgan 1927
Ray Miller 1935
Henry L. Miller 1947
Thad Marsh 1948
Ralph Simmons 1949
James Logan (not accepted) 1951
David Ontjes 1959
Ray L. Nichols 1960
Fred L. Morrison 1961
Bert Breon Mitchell 1964
B. George Barisas 1965
Stephen R. Munzer 1966
Lewis Wall 1972
Theodore Burk 1974
Robert C. Hockett 1983
Pamela McElwee 1993
Munro Richardson 1994
Robert Michael Chamberlain 2003
Ruth Anne French 2005
Kelsey R. Murrell 2012
Shegufta A. Huma 2017
Total 27