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2014 Senior Survey Results


If they could start over, most KU seniors would definitely come to KU again, according to results from the 2014 Senior Survey.

What makes KU such a great place to be? Here's what the most recent survey respondents said:

  • "The traditions have made me a part of a family that I will always have. I am grateful for the education it have received and the people who have supported me on this journey."
  • "I have had an amazing time here. There are wonderful academic opportunities, and the friends I have made are priceless."
  • "Growing up as a Kansan, I never had any doubt KU would be where I wanted to spend my college years. After four years here, I am still certain in my choice. KU's atmosphere is unparalleled, and I would do it all over again."
  • "Excellent academic experience, particularly in my program. Also a pretty good value, all things considering. I'm really glad I had the opportunity to live in the scholarship halls."
  • "I had great classes taught by amazing professors. I took some classes at other colleges to transfer back, and they were simply not on par."
  • "The city of Lawrence is second to none. It feels as if I know everyone, but . . . I can still escape to places if I want to."
  • "The class sizes were reasonable and the teachers were always there to help."
  • "I have really enjoyed the ability to attend the Edwards Campus. It was easier to accomplish my goals here while working full time."
  • "Going to KU allowed me to graduate with no student loan debt due to scholarships."
  • "It has proved an invaluable education experience, especially in the opportunity to spend 14 months abroad."
  • "I am a non-traditional student and was, quite frankly, very nervous about going back to school. The last time I was in a classroom as a student was 1981. My experience, however, has been awesome, from the students to the professors."
  • "You can earn a degree anywhere, but very few institutions exist where you earn an education. A true education allows a student to develop the skills necessary to succeed in his/her chosen career including collaborative, leadership, and communication skills at the foundation. In addition, experience with social justice, service, and international awareness are necessary parts of an education. The University of Kansas allows students to gain not just the necessary skills, but also those skills and experiences that set KU professionals apart from the rest. The community at KU fosters growth and development in a supportive environments--it's only a matter of finding your niche. Whether it's the Honors Program, the scholarship halls, Greek Life, or a student organization, KU has a safe, supportive environment for every student."
  • "This is where I should've gone in the first place. I love KU, and I belong here. I feel at home."

Highlights of the 2014 survey:

  • 60.5% of participants said they would 'definitely' attend KU if they were to start over again, higher than any year since 1992.
  • Responses to questions regarding courses and academic advising remained strongly positive, with 80% or more giving satisfactory or very satisfactory ratings to most questions.
  • Participation in undergraduate educational experiences is high, with increased percentages reported in seven out of the ten experiences mentioned.
  • More graduates face debt as they leave. Only 37% responded that they would be personally responsible for $0 in debt after graduation, as opposed to 40% in the 2012 survey and 41% in 2009.
  • The overall response rate was 29%, up nearly 10% over the previous survey, rebounding to 2009 levels.

Reports accessible below show summarized results for the university overall as well as for academic units (schools, divisions, and departments) and for selected administrative units. To protect individual privacy, some departmental reports with low degree or respondent counts are not available.

Details regarding the history of the survey as well as results from previous years are also available below. A PDF copy of the 2014 survey instrument is also available for review.

Questions about the survey results and administration should be directed to Analytics & Institutional Research at (full contact information below).


The KU Senior Survey assesses the level of student satisfaction on a broad range of university experiences. The survey is administered to seniors during their spring term and has been conducted ten times since 1977. The Senior Survey was developed as part of a project at the six Kansas Board of Regents universities to measure the level of student satisfaction with the university experience with a deliberate timetable for reassessment. The 2014 Senior Survey was conducted in April 2014, being administered online for the fourth time. Results from 1992 to the present are included in the 2014 reports.

Beginning with the 2009 reports, streamlined data decisions as well as changes in university organization have resulted in some slight changes from prior year reports. Survey respondents have been grouped by the degree program in which they graduated during the year surveyed, if applicable, or by their academic plan as recorded in student records, not by self-reported major. Responses are also grouped into academic units active for the current academic year, not by the unit governing the student's degree program at the time surveyed. Responses from previous years related to students' second majors have been excluded. Percentages in the reports are calculated using total number of rankable responses for that question as denominator. The number of respondents has been divided by the total number of spring degree recipients in a unit as a proxy for response rate, since rates are not available for all units.

2014 Results

  • University Overall Report

  • Advising Report

  • Library Report

  • Student Services Report

  • College/School Reports

  • Division Reports

  • Department Reports


An excel report with data grouped by school/college, division, and departments is also available.

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