2005 Senior Survey Results


The KU Senior Survey assesses the level of student satisfaction on a broad range of university experiences. The survey is administered to seniors during their spring term and has been conducted seven times since 1977. Results from the 2005 survey indicated that student satisfaction is at an all time high in many areas.

  • 91% of seniors are highly satisfied with their overall education at KU as compared to the historic average of 78%.
  • 92% of seniors would attend KU over again as compared to the historic average of 88%.
  • Satisfaction with many academic experiences is at the highest level since the inception of the survey.


More highlights from the 2005 survey can be found in the following 2-page executive summary: 2005 Survey Highlights

August 15, 2006





  • The Senior Survey has been conducted seven times at 4- or 5-year intervals: 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992, 1996, 2000, and 2005. The original survey was developed as part of a project at the six Kansas Board of Regents universities to develop a baseline measure of the level of student satisfaction with the university experience with a deliberate timetable for reassessment.
  • The 2005 Senior Survey was conducted in April of 2005 and for the first time was administered online. The resulting response rate of 53% was the highest since the inception of the survey.
  • A copy of the survey instrument can be viewed by clicking on the following link: 2005 Senior Survey Instrument
2005 Results
Survey Question Categories Reports









  • Background Information

  • Likelihood of Attending KU Again if Starting Over
  • Quality and Availability of Courses and Services - Satisfaction Ratings
  • Library Resources - Ratings of Adequacy and Helpfulness
  • Student Services - Ratings of Helpfulness
  • Facilities, Services, and Programs - Satisfaction Ratings
  • Additional Educational Experiences - Percent Participation
  • College Outcomes - Ratings of Progress toward Goal and Ratings of Importance

  • Future Plans - Employment & Additional Study Outlook
  • Goals of General Education - Ratings of Goal Attainment
  • Survey Evaluation

Individual Summary Reports by College/Schools









Response Rate Analyses