Qualtrics is our user-friendly, free web-based survey software available to University of Kansas faculty, staff and students. It is a sophisticated yet flexible survey service with the functionality to create professional-quality surveys and reports.

How do I log in?

Log in to the Enterprise license with your KU Online ID and password.

How do I create a new account?

Log in to the Enterprise license with your KU Online ID and password. Select “I don’t have a Qualtrics account” and a new enterprise account will be created for you.

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Guidelines for Use

Use of Qualtrics Online Surveys is limited to University of Kansas staff, faculty, graduate, and undergrad students for academic and research use only.

Users of Qualtrics Online Surveys must follow these guidelines:

  • Ensure their surveys are in compliance with applicable accessibility requirements and legislation. 
    • Survey creators should note that some Qualtrics question types do not meet common accessibility requirements. Qualtrics includes a tool that survey creators can use to check their survey for possible accessibility issues.
  • Ensure compliance with Qualtrics terms of service.​
  • For surveys intended to go to the entire campus or a large subset of students, faculty, or staff, follow the Survey Review and Approval Process.
  • Ensure copyright and other legal compliance; ensure consistency with University policy and guidelines; best practice. 
  • All KU surveys must follow guidelines provided in the KU IT Data Classification and Handling Policy:


For KU account-related matters, please email qualtricssupport@ku.edu.