Known Issues

In an effort to be transparent and to minimize the number of emails we send, we have established this “Known Issues” page.  We will continually update this page when we become aware of and/or resolve issues. If you discover a new issue, you can start a Service Now ticket by emailing air_help@ku.eduYou can also reach this page via the "Known Issues" link located on the main dashboard pages.


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Current Issues

Date Added Areas/Dashboards Impacted Issue Impact Resolution Anticipated Resolution Date
11/29/2018 Dashboards & Analyses utilizing the forecast scenario 'HR Salary Forecast'

GHI expense forecast does not have a cap. Some scenarios cause employees to have a spike in GHI expense (late enrollment, etc.) which overstates the GHI forecast.

A variance between forecasted payroll expenses and actual expenses when posted may exist.

- If a variance is determined to be material for a given unit, users are advised to make a manual adjustement to the forecast in PBCS Management.

8/29/2018 Purchase Requisition Report The requisition files that the vendor gave KU are missing 221 requisitions. The data for this is not available in OAC but is still available in KUPPS. We are working with the vendor to gather the missing requisitions to include them in the purchase requisitions data set. Unknown


Resolved Issues

Date Added Areas/Dashboards Impacted


Date Resolved
7/18/2018 Dashboards & Analyses utilizing the "Project Org ID" field An issue in FITC does not allow the unit owning a specific project to be updated correctly when changes are necessary. This causes the "Project Org ID" field to not display correctly in OAC when an update occurs. If an update is needed to be made to reflect a change in the unit responsible for a given project, the change is currently not able to be captured and saved in the FITC tables and, subsequently, OAC. The Budget Summary report disseminated by the Office of Research should be used to reference the correct unit owning a specific project. 5/2/2019
11/29/2018 Dashboards & Analyses utilizing the forecast scenario 'HR Salary Forecast'

- Pool ID changes that are made in the middle of a pay period result in a duplication of the forecast on that position for the effected pay period.

- Funding keyed to a position with dates prior to when the job begins for the employee currently cause an understatement of the forecast.

- Salary Forecast does not currently project on any EDX funds.

- In a limited number of scenarios, salary forecast may "roll" up to incorrect budget categories.

A variance between forecasted payroll expenses and actual expenses when posted may exist.

- If a variance is determined to be material for a given unit, users are advised to make a manual adjustement to the forecast in PBCS Management.

- BIC is working to prioritize and make these codes fixes as resources are available.

5/18/2018 Analyses When exporting an analysis, regardless of whether the analysis is being exported as part of a dashboard or as a standalone report, when exporting to the "Excel 2007+" selection, date fields may change to display 1 day earlier. This will cause confusion as to the accurate date if users rely solely upon exported data into Excel. If the need arises that results of a report need to be exported to excel, users should choose to export the data as a "CSV" formatted file. 11/21/2018
2/19/2018 All Areas of OAC Users are unable to create Briefing Books without an error. Unable to disseminate OAC content via Briefing Books We have temporarily disabled this feature to minimize confusion. An SR has been filed with Oracle. As a temporary workaround, users can create bookmark links, export the data, etc. 11/21/2018


Dashboards & Analyses that utilize a payroll source of "Financials"

The 9/8 oncycle payroll journal is not in the FITC system.

If users select a payroll source of "Financials" they will be missing the 9/8 oncycle payroll expenditures. Selecting a payroll source of "Gross & Fringe" will correctly include this payroll voucher.
The journal for payroll voucher V7002155 (the 9/8 oncycle payroll) has been loaded into FITC and is thus now reflecting in OAC if you select "Payroll Source" of "Financials." It is still in a "Pending" status and the Comptroller's Office is working to get it posted. 10/3/2018
2/26/2018 Dashboards, Analyses, & Dashboard Prompts When a user renames a saved Analysis, Dashboard, or Dashboard Prompt it has been reported that the newly renamed piece of content becomes a properties file and no longer is useful as all work is lost. The issue only occurs when users rename saved pieces of OAC content. Saving new reports is not affected by this issue. If the need arises to rename content, make a copy of that piece of content so that work is not lost. Then the user can proceed with renaming the original piece of content. An SR has been filed with Oracle. 8/8/2018
5/30/2018 All dashboards, any reports reporting on Encumbrance Amounts When an expense amount for an invoice is received for a greater amount than what was encumbered, then the encumbrance amount will reflect a negative value. Encumbrance amounts may reflect a negative value in OAC while a PO is still at an open status, if an expense comes in higher than the original encumbrance amount for a specific PO. The logic for encumbrance amount values will be updated so that POs with negative encumbrance balances will pull into the encumbrance column as $0.00 instead on all Enterprise Dashboards except for the Financial Transaction Dashboard. 6/15/2018
4/6/2018 Financials at a Glance Campus Solutions Spring 2018 Revenue not entirely recognized in the General Ledger.

Unfortunately, the accrual revenue for these funds did not include the assessments associated with Spring 2018 enrollments that had occurred prior to FITC cutover on 11/17/2017.  Because most of our students had registered for Spring 2018 classes prior to this date, the revenue in FITC/OAC is understated by more than $100,000,000.

Spring 2018 tuition, course fees & required campus fees are dramatically understated -- Impacts all 09x Funds (Tuition and Course Fees), Required Campus fees, and 700 Funded Fees processed by Campus Solutions (e.g. AEC)

The Spring 2018 revenue that appears in the FITC/OAC includes only assessment activity (drops/adds, net new enrollments, changes in residency etc.) that occurred 11/18/2017 and later.​

Comptroller's Office is working with Student Information Systems to record correcting entry.

Comptroller's Office & Student Information Systems are also working together to re-evaluate timing of tuition & required campus fee revenue recognition.​

1/19/2018 Financials-at-a-Glance (and related subtabs) The salary forecast for fringes is understated for retirement for all employees. And, the health insurance fringe forecast is understated for any employee enrolled in family health insurance The salary forecast is understated and it would appear that units have salary savings that they do NOT have. Update the forecast code to find the correct retirement and health insurance enrollment 4/6/2018
1/23/2018 All Financial Dashboards RFAs have not been processed in HR/Pay since FITC went live. Additional coding is necessary to test the interface between HR/Pay and FITC and all RFAs are being held as a result. RFAs have not been processed in HR/Pay - they will not show up using the Gross & Fringe or Financials payroll source dropdown menus. Once the oncycle and offcycle payroll journals are fed into FITC, the team will transition to testing and coding RFAs. 4/6/2018
1/18/2018 All of OAC Email functionality is not working. Users cannot e-mail single analyses/reports from OAC using the scheduler or adhoc. We are working to resolve this issue and have filed a service request. Currently, we are working on the configuration with Oracle's guidance. As a temporary workaround, users can create bookmark links, export the data, etc. 3/22/2018
3/16/2018 Data Sets Uploaded by Users Uploaded data sets are, initially, available only to the user that uploaded them. After approximately 1 hour, those same data sets can become viewable to other OAC users in a read-only format. For those OAC users that may upload data that is confidential in nature, even though this issue occurs on an intermittent basis, the possibility of that data becoming available to others is still prevalent. The noted behavior is by design. When a user uploads a data set into OAC for use on a report and saves the newly created report within the "Shared Folders", the uploaded data set  becomes viewable to other OAC users in a read-only format. If the users saves the newly created report within their "My Folders" instead, the uploaded data set will not become viewable to other OAC users unless permissions are explicitly granted by the owner of the uploaded data set. 3/21/2018
2/19/2018 Dashboards & Analyses that report on Payroll Information Currently, the salary forecast and payroll with a source of "Gross & Fringe" in dashboards are using the pay end date as the "transaction date". However, payroll with a source of "Financials" is using the check date, resulting in a 14-day difference. This causes payroll to roll up to different pay periods depending on the transaction source selected. We will be adding the pay end date as a distinct field in the Data Mart and will keep the check date as the "transaction date". Users that have dashboards that reference these fields will need to update them accordingly 3/14/2018
Research Management
The process to distribute F&A revenue to department, center, and PI F&A return accounts has not been run in FITC.
No F&A revenue has been distributed since FITC went live.

The process in FITC is being finalized now and once run, F&A revenue will be distributed.
1/11/2018 Research Management
Travel expense reports with grant funding are being finalized in Concur, but only 24% of those are being interfaced to FITC A/P.
Roughly 30 of the travel expenses on grant funding are not available in OAC.
A fix has been requested in FITC that will allow the transactions to be loaded successfully.
2/1/2018 All Financial Dashboards OAC is pulling the creation date of journals rather than the accounting date. Journals created today for prior periods are incorrectly reporting in later periods/months (this especially impacts payroll since the backlog of payroll journals was posted in late January).
OAC will be updated to utilize the accounting date.
1/9/2018 All Financial Dashboards Payroll has not interfaced from HR/Pay to FITC. As a result, payroll posted after 11/18/17 is not appearing in OAC dashboards. Gross and Fringe also has data issues and is not feeding to OAC until resolved. Salary actuals are only current through 11/18/17 (essentially, when PeopleSoft Financials closed).

A. Once the issues in Gross & Fringe are resolved, we will interface the missing payroll vouchers to OAC. Users can select a payroll source of “Gross and Fringe” to view these transactions.

B. Once payroll has been successfully interfaced to Financials, the payroll source of “Financials” toggle will be accurate.

A. 1/10/2018

B. 2/1/2018

1/12/2018 Research Management F&A has been generated and posted to projects, even though the payroll that was included in the calculation is not yet visible. Reports using the payroll source toggle of "Financials" will be missing payroll data, but will contain F&A that was calculated on the payroll data.
Once the payroll journal is interfaced to FITC this issue will be resolved.


All Financial Dashboards A configuration change was inadvertently made in FITC that caused all FITC transaction rows  to disappear from OAC. No FITC transactions were in OAC from roughly 6:00 AM - 10:00 AM on 1/31/2018. The configuration error was resolved in FITC and the OAC jobs were rerun mid-day to repopulate the FITC transactions. 1/31/2018
1/24/2018 All Financial Dashboards The job that extracted data from Concur for travel requests into OAC appeared to be running but actually was not. Travel requests created after 1/9/18 are not in OAC. The root cause was identified and the transactions will be loaded into OAC with the next overnight refresh. 1/25/2018
1/24/2018 DEMIS Gross & Fringe The account for GTA/GRA Health Insurance (519251) was inadvertently left off of the selection criteria for G&F reports.
DEMIS G&F does not contain fringe expenses from this account for any payroll calculation after the FITC transition.
The value will be added to the G&F application code and this amount will be included in "Fringe". 1/24/2018
1/15/2018 Research Management
Project budget amounts for new or revised versions are pulling from the incorrect field.
If a project budget version was updated or newly entered in FITC, project budget amounts in OAC may be incorrect.
We are updating the amount field that is pulled into OAC reporting.
Research Management

Some award or project related data elements are being updated, but the the last updated date is not changing in FITC.

Award/Project data in OAC is out of date in some cases (e.g. end date has not been extended/changed)
We are researching new extract methodologies to account for this. 1/18/2018

All Financials Dashboards Transactions related to Purchasing Cards are showing UMB Bank as the supplier. The merchant that ran the credit card is not showing up in OAC reports. We will replace "UMB Bank" as the supplier with the merchant ID provided by the credit card company. 1/18/2018


Financials-at-a-Glance F&A revenue posted to the FITC G/L is being reported as an expense instead of revenue. The dashboard is incorrect in OAC.  The impact is minimal since these F&A has not been run in FITC. We will implement a code change to appropriately classify these transactions as revenue. 1/18/2018
1/15/2018 All Financials Dashboards FITC Purchase Orders are showing up with more values in "Status" than Pending or Posted. Dashboards that have been setup to exclude or include these statuses may need to be updated.  POs are also showing up when they are in a draft state. The statuses will be updated to Pending or Posted to mirror the logic for other transaction sources.  Additionally, only finalized POs will be included in the data mart. 1/18/2018
1/9/2018 Research Management Converted project budgets in FITC for Subcontracts with F&A and Subcontracts No F&A were inadvertently swapped. The Subcontracts No F&A budget category contains amounts of Subcontracts with F&A and vice-versa.  Budget totals for these two categories on research reports are incorrect. These items must be corrected in FITC and they are being corrected as time allows by Financial Management Systems and the Office of Research. There are approximately 100 projects affected. 1/15/2018
1/9/2018 Research Management
Expense transactions related to FITC account 527992 are incorrectly rolling up to “Equipment” instead of “Other Costs”.

This account is mainly used for Business Service Agreements. The budget is correctly in “Other Costs”, but the expenses and encumbrances show in “Equipment”.

The project budget category rollup for these items in FITC is mapped incorrectly.  This item has been reported to Financial Management Systems and we are working with them on a resolution.
1/10/2018 Financials-at-a-Glance Dashboard: Salary Forecast Tab
Several underlying Analysis filters are broken.

Dashboard results will not be accurate.

BIC is updating the underlying filters.
1/9/2018 Financials-at-a-Glance (and related subtabs) The salary forecast is forecasting 14 pay periods, but only 10 periods are represented in ‘expenses’ (i.e. two periods are missing because we have 26 pay periods in a year).  This is related to the issue above. The salary forecast is not reliable and it appears that units have salary savings that they do NOT have. We are currently rerunning the salary forecast to reestablish the forecast for December to account for the missing payroll transactions. 1/11/2018


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