Other Awards: A-F

Below are the KU students who have received other prestigious national awards that begin with the letters A-F. Click on the name of each award to be taken to the program's website. 

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ACS Hancock Green Chemistry Award

The Kenneth G. Hancock Memorial Award provides national recognition and honor for outstanding student contributions to furthering the goals of green chemistry through research and/or studies. This includes but is not limited to the research, development, and implementation of fundamental and innovative chemical technologies that incorporate the principles of green chemistry into chemical design, manufacture, and use, and that have the potential to be utilized in achieving national pollution prevention goals.

The recipient of the award receives a one-time cash prize of $1,000 USD. The award is presented at the annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference (gcande.org), which will next be held June 16-18, 2020, in Seattle, Washington. In addition to the monetary award, transportation, lodging, and registration fees for the conference are reimbursable up to $1,000 USD.

Student Year
Madhav Ghanta 2010
Total 1

Association of American Universities Women Fellowship

One of the world’s largest sources of funding for graduate women, AAUW is providing $4.3 million in funding for fellowships and grants to 270 outstanding women and nonprofit organizations in the 2019–20 academic year. Due to the longstanding, generous contributions of AAUW members, a broader community of women continues to gain access to educational and economic opportunities — breaking through barriers so that all women have a fair chance.

Fellowship and grant recipients perform research in a wide range of disciplines and work to improve their schools and communities. Their intellect, dedication, imagination, and effort promise to forge new paths in scholarship, improve the quality of life for all, and tackle the educational and social barriers facing women worldwide. AAUW seeks a diverse applicant pool.

Student Year Scholarship
Kathleen Kauffman 1978-1979 Selected Professions Fellowship
Sheri Henderson 1979-1980 American Fellowship
Patricia Burbano de Lara 1979-1980 International Fellowship
Haydee Montoya 1979-1980 International Fellowship
Maris Lilian O’Rourke 1979-1980 International Fellowship
Hsing-li Tsai 1989-1990 International Fellowship
Karen Gerhart 1991-1992 American Fellowship
Vickie Christie 1992-1993 Career Development Grant
Chalemsri Chantasingh 1997-1998 International Fellowship
Leisha DeHart-Davis 2006-2007 American Fellowship
Stephanie Fitzgerald 2008-2009 American Fellowship
KyungAe Keum 2009-2010 International Fellowship
Sur Ah Hahn 2011-2012 International Fellowship
Caitlin Rochford 2011-2012 American Fellowship
Misty Schieberle 2012-2013 American Fellowship
Nayma Khan 2012-2013 International Fellowship
Farhana Ferdous 2013-2014 International Fellowship
Sharmin Kader 2014-2015 International Fellowship
Marie Brown 2015-2016 American Fellowship
Anne Nzuki 2015-2016 Selected Professions Fellowship
Ashley Mog 2016-2017 American Fellowship
Jennifer Stone 2016-2017 Career Development Grant
Sabrina Shafique 2016-2017 International Fellowship
Angela Gist 2017-2018 American Fellowship
Erica Cruvinel 2018-2019 International Fellowship
Total 25

Astronaut Foundation Scholarship

The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation awarded its first seven scholarships in 1986. Each founding Mercury 7 astronaut sponsored a $1,000 scholarship and they then began to fundraise to support future scholarships. Each astronaut would donate proceeds from their speaking engagements and shared the ASF mission wherever they went to raise awareness of both the mission and the scholarship program.

Today, the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation awards fifty scholarships valued up to $15,000 to each selected scholar. The ASF scholarship award is just the beginning for our Astronaut Scholars, and their selection is the beginning of a life-long relationship with astronauts, alumni, and great leaders who span academia, technical research, and corporate leadership.

Student Year
Jennifer Stern 2015
Jessica van Loben Sels 2015
Anna Lynn 2016
Emily Smith 2016
Marilyn Barragan 2017
Eilish Gibson 2017
Emily Boyd 2018
Joseph Loomis 2018
Brianna Marsh 2018
Tyler Nguyen 2019
Eleanor Stewart-Jones 2019
Angelica Lang 2020
Jonah Stiel 2020
Total 13


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Beckman Scholars

Funded by the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation, the Beckman Scholars Program seeks to foster the next generation of creative thinkers by stimulating, encouraging, and supporting research by outstanding undergraduates who have demonstrated the desire and potential for becoming future scientific leaders.

Scholars embark on a 15 month program designed to enrich their development as students and scientists through innovative research, mentoring, collaboration and practice in effective communication. The program offers students a unique opportunity to become immersed in the scientific community.

Student Year
Michael Cory 2015
Aidan Dmitriev 2015
Kathryn Brewer 2016
Collin Clay 2016
Mattea Keister 2017
Zachary Wood 2017
Angelica Lang 2019
Jonah Stiel 2019
Anton Barybin 2020
Emily Hughes 2020
Total 10

David L Boren Graduate Fellowships

Fund research and language study proposals by U.S. graduate students in world regions critical to U.S. interests.

Student Year
Kathyrn Ansley 1994
Sandra Baker 1994
Thomas McCray 1994
Bart Redford 1994
Dana Hurlburt 1996
Grant Lundberg 1996
Peter Berendzen 1997
Linda Fuselier 1997
Hale Sheppard 1997
Leann Keefe 1998
Steve Milas 1999
Jennifer Ivie 2000
Michael Schmidt 2000
Michael Stefany 2000
Kirk White 2001
Matthew Koeppe 2003
David McLeod 2003
Jeffrey Wormington 2003
Heidi Mehl 2005
Matthew Stein 2008
Brett Chloupek 2009
Dezeree Marie Hodish 2011
Total 22

David L Boren Undergraduate Scholarships

Fund study abroad by U.S. undergraduate students in world regions critical to U.S. interests.

Student Year Student Year
Vered Hankin 1994 Joanna Griffin 2001
William Radcliffe 1994 Jeffery Wormington 2001
Jennifer Cavanaugh 1995 Geoffrey Cook 2002
Jeffrey Lonard 1995 Edward Dus 2002
Linda Ly 1995 Lyle McMillan 2002
Nancy Rideout 1995 Krysta Black 2003
John Roberts 1995 Bruce Fowler 2003
Jennifer Shewmaker 1995 Kenneth Johnston 2003
Jason Unrein 1995 Anna Lanier 2004
Angela Warren 1995 Abby Mills 2004
David Hennessy 1996 Jay Kimmel 2005
Anitra Menning 1996 Tyra L. Blew 2006
Lata Murti 1996 Rick Edward Winfrey 2006
Anastasia Nagy 1996 Jacob R. Longaker 2007
Megan Thornton 1996 Dustin John Stephenson-Reynolds 2007
Angela Warren 1996 Stephanie A. Smiros 2007
David Watson 1996 Zachariah J. Smith 2007
Trevor Hammond 1997 Lee Clemon 2008
Christopher Nielsen 1997 Sean Borton 2008
Chris Bartee 1998 Colby Smith 2008
Elizabeth King 1998 Audrey Peterson 2012
Heather Hart 1999 Ashlie Koehn 2014
Matthew McGarry 1999 James Paisley 2015
Binh Thai 1999 Nolan Schmidt 2015
Chester Klotz 2000 David Easley 2016
Callie Stanley 2000 Madeline DuBois 2017
Total 52


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Winston Churchill Foundation Scholarship

The Churchill Scholarship and Kanders Churchill Scholarship provide funding to American students for a year of Master’s study at the University of Cambridge, based at Churchill College. The Churchill Scholarship program was established in 1959. The first scholarshipwas awarded in 1963.

The Churchill Scholarship covers all University and College fees.

Student Year
Larissa Janeen Lee 1999-2000
Total 1

Jack Kent Cook Foundation Scholarship

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation was established in 2000. The foundation focuses on high-achieving lower-income students from middle school through graduate school. The UndergraduateCollege Scholarship awards $40,000 per year for four years of study in an accredited institution. The Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship awards up to $40,000 per year for up to three years to achieve a bachelor’s degree. The Graduate Scholarship went nation-wide in 2003 and awards up to $50,000 per year for four years of graduate study.

Student Year Scholarship
Jose Ignacio Carvajal-Regidor 2009 Undergraduate Transfer
Jose Ignacio Carvajal-Regidor 2011 Graduate
Julissa Fillmore 2016 College
Total 3

U.S. State Department Critical Language Scholarship

he State Department began the Critical Language Scholarship program in 2006. The intensive overseas summer institutes increase opportunities for American students to study in thirteen critical need foreign languages.

Student Year Student Year
Andrea Pfeiffer 2007 Alexander Melin 2012
Cooper Allton 2007 Alexis Knutsen 2012
Cole Akeson 2008 Matthew Visser 2013
Michael Sothan 2008 Erik Hornberger 2013
Dezeree Hodish 2009 Nicholas Kellum 2013
Michaela Boman 2009 Garvey Burrows 2014
Rebecca Stakun 2010 Sally Kagay 2014
Rebecca Russell 2010 Katrina Lynn 2014
Alexandria Yueh 2010 Brock Miller 2015
Zachary Borth 2010 Janet Neufeld 2015
Halle O'Neal 2010 Sarah Henry 2015
Mitchell Haverty 2010 Brendan Higginbottom 2015
Jeremiah Miller 2011 Brian Turnbull 2015
Rachel Voorhies 2011 Krista Irick 2016
Robert Halloran 2011 Ellen Nasseri 2017
Sarah Gerges 2012 Wendy Gong 2017
Leslie Montes 2012 Abigail Schletzbaum 2017
Baiba Sedriks 2012 Wendy van Giezen 2018
Laura Dean 2012 Alaina DeLeo 2019
Aric Toler 2012    
Total 39


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Department of Defense SMART Scholarship

The Department of Defense Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship for Service Program was established in 2005 to support theeducation of America’s future scientists and engineers. The scholarship pays tuition and other educational expenses plus $25,000 to $38,000 per year depending on prior educational experience. Upon graduation, recipients are placed in civilian jobs in DoD labs and agencies.

Student Year
Mike Wasikowski 2008
Aaron King 2010
William P. VanSkike 2010
Evan Austin 2011
James Bowen 2015
Total 11 (6 not identified)

Doris Duke Fellowship

Chapin Hall, a policy research center at the University of Chicago, began awarding the Doris Duke Fellowship for the Promotion of Child Well-being in 2011. The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation funds the annual $30,000 stipend for up to two years.

Student Year
Kaela Byers 2013-2015
Aislinn Conrad 2014-2016
Lindsay Huffhines 2016-2018
Bridget Cho 2017-2019
Stephanie Gusler 2018-2020
Deborah J. Moon 2018-2020
Total 6


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Ford Foundation Fellowship

The Ford Foundation Fellowships provide support to outstanding minority students committed to careers as scholars and teachers, and majoring in eligible fields of study. The Predoctoral Fellowship provides three years of graduate study support with an annual stipend of $24,000. The Dissertation Fellowship provides one year of support toward completion of the dissertation with a stipend of $25,000.

Student Year Fellowship
Luz-Maria Umpierre 1981 Postdoctoral
Thomas Cooper Cox 1986 Postdoctoral
D Anthony Tyeeme Clark 2001 Dissertation
Laura Yamhure Thompson 2001 Dissertation
Monica Margaret Tsethlikai 2001 Predoctoral
Daniel Hernandez 2012 Predoctoral
Andrea Gomez Cervantes 2017 Dissertation
Sierra Kiernan Watt 2018 Dissertation
Total 8

Ford Motor Company Alan Mulally Scholarship

The Alan Mulally Leadership in Engineering Scholarship Award was first awarded in 2015. The scholarship that bears his name awards $10,000 to a single industrial design or engineering student from each of five preselected universities throughout the US.

Student Year
Alexander Guinn 2015
Total 1