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Access to University of Kansas decision-support information is provided for official university business only. Inappropriate use may result in monitoring and reporting of such use to appropriate authorities and can result in the revocation of your access to OAC, Data Cookbook, or Qualtrics (KU Decision Support Tools) and notification to your supervisors.

KU Decision Support Tools use your KU Online ID for authentication. In order to obtain access to KU Decision Support Tools, you agree not to share your KU Online ID and password with others.

You also agree to comply with the policies of the University of Kansas regarding the proper use of computing resources. Remember that database information, particularly student and personnel information is CONFIDENTIAL, and you are responsible for maintaining that trust. Knowingly releasing or misusing confidential information from official records may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

KU Decision Support Tools are intended to provide useful management information for the staff at the University of Kansas. While we strive to provide accurate and reliable information, we cannot warrant the accuracy of every item of information provided online.

By using KU Decision Support Tools, you, "the user", agree to comply with the above statements.

Quick Links
Survey Calendar
  • National College Health Assessment (NCHA)

    April 2019
    Sample of KU students

    Surveys students on their habits, behaviors, and perceptions of a broad range of health topics. These data provide essential information for the creation and evaluation of campus programs that promote health and student success. 

  • PhD Career Pathways Survey

    Spring 2019
    PhD students from select departments

    Fall 2019

    Collect data regarding the career pathways of PhDs that can be used to improve the educational experiences and career preparation of students.

  • KU Graduate Student Survey

    Spring 2020
    All graduate students

    Collect information from graduate students about their experience at KU.

  • KU Senior Survey

    Spring 2020
    All seniors

    Collect information about the student experience at KU from seniors.